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Im BACK!!!!

2009-12-21 01:28:42 by Sammiller101

Holy Crap i posted again


2007-12-05 20:56:41 by Sammiller101


I hate band!!

2007-12-04 17:44:57 by Sammiller101

I play the tenor saxophone and I am in the school jazz band. It SUCKS!! My dad made me do it. I hate it!!!!!

My life is sucking balls right now. My mom and dad are acting really really gay. I think today is the worst day of my life so far.

I'm so PISSED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn Homework

2007-12-02 16:13:06 by Sammiller101

I've got so much homework. I hate my teachers!javascript:MakeSmileySelectio n(2);

WTF is on the flash portal!?!?

2007-12-02 11:22:31 by Sammiller101

I saw the weirdest thing on the flash portal today. It was a bunch of hamsters f**king each other. It was really GAY

Me angry!

2007-12-01 21:31:49 by Sammiller101

My friend really ticked me off today. I'm so pissed!!